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cthulhain_mod :: mini-man User mini-man
/* Admins, plix upload this one instead of the last one. Ty */

2 words. Xoblite. FTW.

I'VE GONE MAD! Srsly. I am still in a bit of shock, wondering what to do with my tango icons...Yet another shamless copy. This time from link But I loved it so much I had to try. I might just use this for a long time, or I might chicken out and go back to something tango tomorrow....uggggg!! 
Shell xoblite
Style cthulhain_mod by /\/\inimal

mini-man Upped the wrong style...also, didn't realize it's the cthulhain style, so creds to the creator of that.
cthu1hu Sweet. It's based on what I consider to be the best style ever made. That's where I chose my nick from originally ;)
mini-man Thanks, and I can see why :D
crowmag One of my all time favs too. In fact, I thought cthu1hu authored Cthulhain and actually got the 2 confused at first. I still use this style and the only mod I ever made was to add a 3DC - not even a wall, it's perfect.
crowmag "xoblite. FTW" is four words - you've been texting too much ;P
mini-man Indeed, cthulhain is teh perfectestest style eva :D
qwilk Ehm... did you just say "xoblite FTW" ...and you're not even using bb4 yet? That's nice... ;)
mini-man I have seen screenshots of it...But I sooo want bb4. =( Several issues bug me, like the bordercolor bug in the windowlabel...but other than that..

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