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Winged :: clovemagic User clovemagic
It's a new year and I have a new laptop, so my first screenie of the year may as well feature a new shell branch, the lovely xoblite.

The background is a very slightly modded (for size) version of the amazing tototl by Sheil, which you can see here link

The Mardi Gras season officially started Friday -- break out your masks. ;-D
Shell xoblite
Style Winged by clovemagic
Wallpaper __tototl___by_Sheil, slightly resized and cropped 

Pitkon Looks really great! I love those windows buttons... :) Would like to see the inactive window as well...
clovemagic Thanks, Pete. Btw, there's a shaded inactive window at the top of the screen. The dialog box at screen right shows the active buttons.
clovemagic Well, the active buttons got smeared in the jpg. Believe me, they look a lot better in real life. :)
Pitkon Lol.... Ok, I believe u... :D
Nightbreed looks great Clove. Have you totally switched to xoblite or still back and forth?
clovemagic I haven't converted yet, NB. I'm just looking to see what it's got. :-)

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