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evergreen :: crowmag User crowmag
I guess you gotta love green on this one. It has a bsetroot BG if you aren't into bass guitars.

Got the wallpaper from here: link

You'll notice that the original wall is in RED. If your going to use it with this style, you'll need the "Swap Colors" Photo Shop plugins available from Flaming Pear (free): link I used "swap red green" (duh). 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style evergreen by crowmag
Wallpaper p-bass-headstock.jpg 

clovemagic I like green and I like bass guitars -- the Fender PBass is king. If I'm not mistaken, couldn't you also change the color of the wall using a besetroot switch for saturation and hue? Btw, I'm digging your 3dc with the cleverly desaturated shade of green.
crowmag Thanks clovemagic, sorry for the late reply, I had a CATV outlet added Sat. and the tech left me w/o internet access 'till this afternoon :/ Yeah, I know that you can do the hue/saturation bit with bsetroot but I'm leary of using it bc I'm guessing that it might be resource intensive - never really tried it though. Heh, the desaturated 3DC was a nessecity. :)
Pitkon Can't believe this slipped my attention till now. This is excellent work, crow. Great use of green and I like the way u r passing along information for all of us, in order to implement the style the way u, the author, would like to be implemented... :)
crowmag Thanks Pete, I had some other bordering ideas for this and the other one that I couldn't get to work - of couse now I know why... I'm jonesin' to play around with bordering more but, got finish up this winter project of mine - maybe next week.
Lord E. Greeeeeeen. Very nice.

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