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// Themed In Full :: WinT User WinT
Wallpaper: Put it together myself, using images from a girl over at going by the name of RetroDiva. She takes beautiful pictures of herself :)

The Style itself is one I made to coincide with the Nano visual style by whistl3r from, and Four Impressions Designs.

Never posted here, so not sure what all to say. This is Windows 98, running BBLean 1.16, and everything is hacked to death as far as the OS goes, which is why it looks like it does. Anyway, check my other shots out over at, just search for WinT. Find me at too, and my own site is

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Again, not sure what all to say, and not sure of the limits on my notes here either, so my apologies. 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Untitled 
Wallpaper Untitled - Made using stock images 

Pitkon Win 98 lives! Just goes to show what u can do with a bit of determination and talent... Beautiful work, WinT... Welcome aboard...
Lord E. Maaaaaaan, this is pretty damn wonderful work! Good stuff. Very, very good stuff.
WinT Thanks for the comments and warm welcome so far guys, it's appreciated greatly.
crowmag Nice style and some really cool mods WinT. I'm hopeing that React OS will be stable/usable soon so that mods like this can be freely exchanged by it's users, could be a custo's dream OS - but alas, that could take some time...
Nightbreed Very nice winT... Everything fits together very well
WinT Thanks guys... and this React OS? Never heard of it, though sounds interesting indeed. Me goes to Google it :)
Lord E. On a slightly off-topic note, that React OS looks pretty nifty.
Reverend I've been impressed with your Windoze tweaking for years, WinT. When I noticed you had discovered BB4Win I admit I was rather excited. >.> *chuckle* Any plans to 'release' any of the Blackbox inspired Windows tweaks?
WinT Reverend... thanks man, it's appreciated. That tweaks do you refer to exactly? Remember that most of what you see is OS exclusive, not pertaining to BB at all, so... having said that, are you interested in the style itself, or something else? Forgive my confusion, but would like to share with you if you wish? If I have something in that screenshot that you would like, or can use, etc... just ask, and ye shall recieve :)
Nightbreed The wallpaper gives me an idea for a tcl script though.. Would be cool to use bbslideshow as a centered wallpaper but have it scroll the images
Reverend Err. Not exactly. Or I dunno. >.> I was on the verge of going off to get some sleep when I said what I said. ~lol~ Not entirely sure what I meant, now. ~cough, shifty~ But I am still impressed with your Windows tweaking!
thewayofzen my experience with bbslideshow has been horrendous.. if i had 2 dollars for every time its crashed on me i could buy a new pc im sure. Nice work on the style/mods. keep em coming!
cthu1hu Beautiful job you've done here WinT. I'm a longtime fan of your mods also and I'm so glad your using blackbox. It's a real treat to see what you come up with.
Nightbreed Gezzz I knew you're name looked familiar WinT... I remember doing a ton of mods from your site
WinT Thanks guys :) I've been doing this modding/customizatio
n thing for a long time now, and glad to see that some of you are familiar with my work, and have used it too :) Everybody here seems to be very friendly too, me likes that alot :) I think that's a very important thing.
Nightbreed Here's a question... Have you ever thought about or attempted to remove the address and google bar from IE7? I've only seen one person so far remove the search bar through some sort of program... but never through a mod.
WinT Ok, this is gonna sound really silly, but are you saying that there is a new version of IE, aka IE7??? I'm on IE6 here, and had no clue that a new one had been released. Damn, me goes to check this out, lol. I need to keep up more don't I?
Nightbreed lol... Yeah.. IE7's been out for sometime now... It's still in beta 1 stage atm... You can grab a copy at M$ site....
WinT Ah yes, me found it at MSDN right after your first comment about it, Google led me right to it. I elected not to "join" MSDN to download it, as I read the specs, and can ya believe that I actually do NOT like tabbed browsing and a google bar? lol... I never have liked all those tabs, and can't figure out why. It's a brilliant thing, but I just never liked it. Not to mention, I have my IE tweaked to death here, stripped to it's bare bones, looks exactly as I want it to, and I can search using Google, right from the address bar, no need for a seperate search field, as it's an all in one sort of thing. I'de rather have the final version too. Thanks for the information on it though my friend :)
Nightbreed No problem, I didn't realize they wanted you to join msdn now.. they were giving this away to any registered xp user a while back... But, that's Microsoft for ya :D The thing about ie7 that strikes me curious though.. is that at some point Objectbar is able to remove the addressbar and google bar. And infact you menu mod of the Browselc.dll was able to remove some of it... so it lead me to believe those bars are tied into the menu somewhere
WinT Ok, so, are there no options for right cliking on the IE toolbar, and selecting what is displayed? Typically ya know, you'de right click, turn on/off the address bar, etc... Did they take that away??? I can't believe you can't just turn those two items off, and if that is the case nightbreed, I'll never use IE7, as that is just a basic option that's been with IE forever now. If you tell me those options don't exist, I'm just gonna hit my desk damnit! lol Surely you can easily do that. If not, I have a work-around that can turn the menus off completely, but it will take with it, anything on that bar, leaving you with just one big window, no toolbars in IE at all, if that's what you're after.
Nightbreed Apparently MS made the bar that way to stop those auto installs of toolbars that's floating around the net... Which it does do... and it from the methods I described with removing it, it still works. But no, they've removed that option. There's been blogs all over discussing the absence of the option... But no one's actually come up with a solution yet... well, none that hacks the actual gui that is... I use Styler toolbar but as of ie7 it's only usefull now in explorer...
WinT Well I'll just be damned, I can't believe that, but then again, I can. Well, I just hit my desk, as I told you I would, didn't damage anything I don't think, hehe :) Try this old mod of mine out: link That should get you what you want, granted, they left the classic IE toolbar menus there for you to mess with. If this mod works for you, when you click on that one menu selection, the entire bar should dissapear, leaving you with nothing but an open window with a titlebar. The status bar will stay if you have it enabled. Let me know how that works, if you need help, or have questions, just let me know.
clovemagic Stunning desktop and port of Nano. Welcome winT. I almost feel like I should ask for an autograph. ;-D
dejitaru good to see ya made the switch to bblean WinT.Remember way back mentioning using it.anyways just figured I'd welcome ya and mention that I'm impressed with what ya have done with blackbox and all those hacks ~so pretty~ *dejay idly wonders what happened to the winmod forums...
dejitaru good to see ya made the switch to bblean WinT.Remember way back mentioning using it.anyways just figured I'd welcome ya and mention that I'm impressed with what ya have done with blackbox and all those hacks ~so pretty~ *dejay idly wonders what happened to the winmod forums...
dejitaru blasted refresh button .....sorry for the double post
WinT clovemagic... thanks for the comment, it's very much so appreciated :) dejitaru... you're here? I haven't seen or talked to you in ages... damn good to see you my friend, really is. It's nice to run into old friends, damn, good to see you man! Take care until we talk again :)
dejitaru Yea long time,anyways look forward to more shots from ya and my Aim is always open ya know...dejaychan c-ya
Myst0z nice love those windows hacks...
Pitkon Guys, remember, these hacks are for Win 98. They don't always work on XP
Pitkon Tho most of WinT's do...
Nightbreed It's not really important which platform it's for though. One thing to take notice of is the types of tools used and the types of files and hacks are done. For me, I usually the same technique for changing language exclusive apps to english. For example.. Comicworks which at one time was all Japaness.
WinT Now that was something I always tried to make sure of when I was first modding, writing tutorials about it, etc... I hoped that all hacks would work the same, or somewhat the same on all Windows OS's, and so far, they all pretty much do. Sometimes you run into a mod that can be done on either, but the files change up a bit from 98 to XP. They might have moved things around a bit, but for the most, if you see it in that screenshot of mine, it can be done on your system as well, regardless of OS. As nightbreed pointed out, the technique's used are the same either way, for either OS. Welp, me is off to work, see you guys in 8 hours or so :)

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