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Rubicund - Minion :: Totmacher09 User Totmacher09
Ok, Prepare yourselves box community. This is the first release of the rubicund series. I have 3 more lined up, and about 4 in the proccess of being finished. There will also be a vermilion release, as well a Azure release. Both series have 2 ready to go , and a few near completion. The attached file contains all ya need (including font). Enjoy, and keep an eye out for upcoming Rubicund releases. 
Shell xoblite
Wallpaper Rubicund - Minion 

Nightbreed I don't know why, but I actually like this style... Think because it reminds me of all those danger rooms in those sci-fi games..
Reverend Gah. Don't you just hate how red and jpeg compression don't get along? Heh. Despite that little annoyance, I'm with Nightbreed. I like it. Has sort of a .. Resident Evil/Red Queen thing going.
Lord E. lol, first time 'round I misread the "Rubicund" as.. uh, heheh. Guess. Red's not really my thing, but this is pretty nice.
crowmag Red is usually not my fav either ,but this is strangely alluring to me. Must look really good w/o the jpg smudging.

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