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Labyrinth :: Lord E. User Lord E.
Really liking this one -- although I'm not 100% confident about the inactive titlebar colours. Think they're okay, but I am as always open to suggestions. Thought of keeping the green-ish theme going, tbh.. but I decided on what you see in the screenie instead.

Wallpaper made from this picture .. resized and stuff.

As always, .3dcc included. 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Labyrinth by Lord Erector
Wallpaper Labyrinth by coxi 

purple i think that lord e.'s on a role.. i miss that feeling..keep up..
tech10171968 Crisp, clean theme. I like it. @ Purple: don't worry, I'm sure your creative muse will strike you again.
Lord E. Thanks guys, much appreciated.

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