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war of seasons :: thewayofzen User thewayofzen
Its been a while. ive recently been more active around here and thought perhaps a style might be fun.

this style must be downloaded to be appreciated.. honestly. the screenshot and jpeg compression do a great job at butchering it.
Do me a favor and try it out before you rape it in the reviews.. 
Shell xoblite
Style war of seasons by thewayofzen
Wallpaper halovision_00.jpg google halovision lazy! 

skwire Stunning.
Lord E. Very nice. I'm liking it, very much so. Suits the wallpaper perfectly. Choosing a grey-ish colour instead of a white one for the menu = great. Liking the gradients overall too. Nice.
crowmag Another impeccable style zen, Looks like you got lucky with the jpg compression on this one as it only noticeable mucked up the menu. A bit to much retina burn for my old peepers but non the less this style is on par with your usual excellence.
sMs yummy very nice indeed
Kyoushu Very nice zen. The colors work so great together too. Great job.
captain very nice style.. one question though, is that a version of multiamp with a built in volume bar?
Malnilion captain, you have very good eyes, but I can guarantee you that is not a volume bar :)
captain seekbar i presume... i guessed volume as that is what i'd use it for.
enginecamel Wordy word word.
iTiVO Really sweet

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