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NewVista :: Nightbreed User Nightbreed
Trying some funky transparancies and shadows on a theme based on the 5270 build of MS Vista :D 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Vista (5270) 
Wallpaper nature_vista.310 

clovemagic You're too much! ;D How did you manage this?
xavier-dl That is one square at-symbol!
Nightbreed Thanks Clove, xavier.... Well, first we took dna from fossilized dino... opps wrong story. The transparancies on the windows are from BBWintrans, bb-iTunes uses a magic pink bitmap with borders drawn in and the borders & shadows on the windows are from winfx from stardock :D
Kyoushu The mac style Bar at the top. Is that plugin ever gonna be released to the public?
purple i still vote for the vista style where we first time saw blackbox.ttf..i even asked garry for upoading it..but the thing finished in a way that i make total simular copy of that style and upload it.. it seems that garry didnt was enough kind for share his work..
Nightbreed there's two reasons why I don't share my work... 1) I lost it ... 2) I'd already modified the original before it was asked for.... so, I don't have it any longer... I change my interface and then change the styles I'm currently using to fit it.. honestly, I don't think my styles would look the same on another machine simply because I created it to fit my interfaces... Kyoushu: I'm currently in contact with a coder who did the macbar menu setup that fits on explorers taskbar... He's going to look into tcl scripting to see if it can be adapted to my interface setup. Also, I want to compile a seperate bbinterface plugin so that it doesn't interfear with other peoples before I release it.. this way it's more independant... Also, my current setup uses tresni's newest tcl4bb plugin which a few folks have had problems with, so, I'm going to also wait to see if he releases another or others figure out why it's not working for them.
Pitkon Gary is one of the most sharing people I know - his fonts and amp contributions are only a few of the things he uploaded, combined with endless comments and help on the forums. Think before u point, purple. Great work on this, Gary, as usual... I really love ur experimentation with stuff...
Nightbreed Thanks Pete..

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