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The Road Ahead :: Lord E. User Lord E.
Wallpaper can be found here . I seem to be fond of wallpapers with girls in them, for reasons that are probably obvious..

Yes, my taste in music is wonderful, I know. =p

By the way, if possible, don't call me "Lord". I know, I brought it on with the nick and all, but it's so... wierd, lol. Trivial, but hey -- that's me for you. 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style The Road Ahead by Lord Erector
Wallpaper The Road Ahead by FaerieNymph 

dubox love it, oh lord! and yes, dubbing is a must ;)
thewayofzen i dont know how much my opinion matters.. but i want to make sure you know i enjoy your submissions. keep em coming!!
Lord E. Thanks muchly, guys! All opinions (good or bad) are very much appreciated and they do matter quite a bit. Thanks again.
Pitkon Beautiful style and a great wall...
Lord E. Thanx Pitkon :)
crowmag Really like that grundgy desaturated wall and your style fits it well,, Lord E.
Lord E. Thanks. Btw, most of my online buds tend to call me "LE"..
Nightbreed I like this style too, relaxing to look at... great contrast with the wallpaper and style.. Reminds me of that movie twister about the tornados...
ChainsawMessiah The link to the wallpaper is broken =( Great style.

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