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Clean Spirit :: Aoki User Aoki
Running bblean with interface plugin for the custom made dock wit links.. + running konfabulator for the note pad and the clock with alarms manager.
the style is a custom made from blackbox.
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Custom Style 
Wallpaper Sky 

cthu1hu What font are you using in your menu?
Lord E. Nice style and wallpaper. Interesting that you chose black instead of white (or any of the more common colours in the wallpaper) for your style, but it works pretty good.
Pitkon Great work on the bbi...
Morphix you wouldnt by any chance be able to post your config files? i got so use to linux with fluxbox i loved it.. booting back in windows looks crap.. using xoblite atm.. but i really like your setup

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