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FreeStyler 4.0 :: qwilk User qwilk
...just showing off my new plugin... :D
Shell xoblite
Style \"i forget things\" by thewayofzen 

Malnilion Do my eyes deceive me or are those tearoffs?!
Pitkon YES! It's finally out! Great work, qwilk. As usual...
Nightbreed is this what you were hidding Pete :p.. whatever the case this was worth waiting for.. k, I'm off to do a gazillion styles now ...hehe
Pitkon I did test this, but no, it wasn't the thingie I was referring to... :D
qwilk Malnilion: Yes, I am afraid your eyes deceive you, hehe! :P (to be able to show off all FreeStyler "about" pages and config menus simultaneously in one screenshot I simply compiled several screenshots into one)
Malnilion Okay, I was kinda figuring that might have been the case. Oh well, lol :)
MQ Xoblite really could be so much better with tear off menus. It's one of the things that discourages me to try the new xoblite. I do not understand why FreeStyler is a plugin. It would make more sense as a standalone application (exe) which can be closed when not used.
Nightbreed It can be closed when not used with a simple broam. I use @BBCore.plugin.load freestyler Same as closing an exe.
Nightbreed opps.. sorry it @BBCfg not core
Nightbreed If you want tear off menus, you can still use bbaltmenu..
MQ Nightbreed: thanks for the heads up. I find it easier to launch an application and press the X when I need to, than adding something to send a broam. I'm a big fan of the KISS-principle. I appreciate the bbaltmenu suggestion and will keep it in mind.
Pitkon MQ, u CAN close FreeStyler by clickin on the X... Try it... And I agree on detachable menus, bbaltmenu is not the best of options...
Nightbreed I'm not sure a standalone application would be able to pick up the style in real time would it? I mean aside from reading the style file that is currently in use upon loading. I think this is why bluebox's plugins don't take to style changes when loading in blackbox 4 win
Nightbreed you're right Pete.. altmenu isn't a total solution due to it missing a few key features and due to the fact that you cant map your own mouse buttons to a user menu in xoblite. Only thing that prevents me from xoblite is that problem with the menu closing when a timer type plugin communicates with a bbi object..

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