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bad cat :: jimmy User jimmy
HERE you can find the wallpaper... It has been one of my first styles... So feel free to critic ;)
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style bad cat 
Wallpaper pfiger 

Dragon12 Like the cat.
jimmy Yeah he's cool lol. There is also the penguin (if you are a linux user he coud be perfect ;) ) bye
Dragon12 I think the over all theme looks good. I would have put the color of the cat somewhere with in the theme though. Maybe in the windows' label & grips. It's all subjective anyway. I don't use Linux myself, mostly FreeBSD or XP (games).
clovemagic Each screenie you post is better than the last one. I love your layout.
jimmy Thanks Dragon12, that's true, probably I should have put somewere the color of the cat... Next time ;) Thanks a lot clovemagic, I've been using bblean for a couple of months, and the main reason I love it, is that I've a low resolution monitor, and thanks to bbinterface I can reach every application or folder with a couple of clicks, keeping, at the same time, my desktop clean (as I like)... This kind of layout is very effective for my needs because almost everything can be easily hidden or resized, and also when all plugin are shown (like in the screenshot) the desk looks clean. Thanks again :D Bye

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