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red :: aneesh User aneesh
must have certain fonts installed
look in *.style file 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Red by ser VI
Wallpaper Red by Verto 

auto What firefox theme are you using in the screenshot?
makav3li97 i'm using the theme breeze https://addons.mozil
CrazySteve I Think this item is really important to the everyday life because i think it is important to me espically
obnoxious I have to agree with Carzy Steve and say that this item is very vital to my everyday life for if i Didn't have xoblite or blackbox configuration in my daily routine, I would have to do something different. That definitely would not be a good thing. And this desktop is very slick, me likes. ps.Blackbox is an important everyday item.
false_lie wat is that box that says aneesh boopathy?

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