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blue white moon :: Shawan User Shawan
the wallpaper is blue white moon by MissQueen with the artist's permission
I missed blue styles so I made this.. 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style blue white moon by shawan 
Wallpaper Blue white moon by MissQueen 

Reverend OH GOD, MY EYES!
Reverend Err.. what I mean to say is... This is nice.
Nightbreed Wallpaper reminds me of an anime/manga background. Nice style Shawan
Shawan lol thanks reverend, and thank you much Nightbreed as well :)
crowmag Nice looking style but brrrrr. It conveys an icey feeling too well. Forgive me, I'm from Florida and not too cold tolerant :P
Nightbreed Bet the style will come in handy when it's like 200 deg. outside though .. hehe...
Shawan Ah cromag what a lucky guy you are ! It's so cold here in Paris (now that I think of it i'd have better sent it during summer :)
Nightbreed we had 1 snow here.. if you can call it that... made throwing snowballs kinda boring... I mean, only but so much pretending you can do with a handfull of rocks... So if ya have snow Shawan.. send some this way :P
Shawan It's very cold but there is no snow here... :( (no sun neither, that's unfair I'm in holidays)
clovemagic I happen to be in Florida right now, soaking up incredibly perfect weather. Still a nice style, shawan.
Shawan An other lucky one in Florida...(no I'm not jealous at all >:) Anyway thank you very much Clovemagic
crowmag Shawan: yeah the summer here would be perfect for this style :) clovemagic: today's ok - in the 60's(F), but Friday was thunderstorms all day:/ You should have been here last week... 78 in the shade and sun =D.
blockhead It's blue, and it makes me feel cold. I like ti! More chilly blue styles please. ;)
Shawan Thx blockhead the next style will be even more cold :) when my hands will be thawed...
Nightbreed No sun? that sounds like vampire heaven ;D
Shawan Sure, vampires are everywhere in the streets those days...I don't dare to go out of my house without my chantilly spray :D
Nightbreed is that almost like "I can't believe it's not butter" spray.. lol .. Tell ya, they can make anything into a spray now a days
Sha lol that's true but chantilly spray really exist :D
Nightbreed my cats would love that.. hehe
crowmag Easy to spot the vampires here - anyone w/o a tan or a sunburn is highly suspect :) And yep, I've seen 'em - mostly in Tampa.
Nightbreed lmao.. sounds like South Street here in PA... reminds me of most of the goth clubs I go to :D

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