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Dancing with Jocker :: jimmy User jimmy
I can't remember where I downloaded the wall, if you want it, I can send you an email...
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Jocker 
Wallpaper harley quinn 

crowmag ooo, blood red and metal. Nice style, tho the 3DC might be a bit hard on my old peepers. btw, with this wall are you implying your now after stanna's boobies? J/K, couldn't help the irony heh ;P
Nightbreed lol
jimmy Don't worry, I'm ironic too ;) But, unfortunately, I don't speak english very well... What exactly are stanna's booobies? Well, I think to understand what you mean with boobies, but who/what is stanna? ;)
crowmag *chuckle* It's sort of an inside joke that, I believe, all started here: link
crowmag Please note that "boobies can also refer to a rather large sea bird that dives headlong into the sea to catch fish. They are quite common around the coast of Australia... which is where stanna lives. But that doesn't stop most other men from various locals from getting their own mental images when the word is mentioned... Then again maybe stanna was talking about BOOBIES =D
thewayofzen anyone who has been in #bb4win knows all about boobies. stanna would love this wall.. hes a big fan of harley
jimmy LoL Thanks for the explanation :D
Pitkon Like the combination of colors... :)
stanna yes boobies. them be da boobies i see ova yondarrgghh... arrrgh
jimmy Thanks Pitkon :) Happy to see you here stanna, bring my helloes to the boobies :-)

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