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Heal :: snkmchnb User snkmchnb
new style i've done.. still in old style syntax. check out xoblite :D

wall @ link 
Shell xoblite
Style Heal by snkmchnb (
Wallpaper Butterflys by steo83 @ defiantart 

jimmy beautifull style and wall...
Shawan woa the colours are great especially the menu, it really inspires me (no wonder it's snkmchnb who made this style :)
Pitkon Lovely colors, snack! :D
snkmchnb thanks, guys :D
crowmag The style reflects the warm glow of the wall nicely snack, another fine style. Whhhat?, the old Syntax? From the author of the new style sytax tutorial? J/k, I'm in a jovial mode today... sorry. (go Steelers!)
snkmchnb hell yes GO STEELERS!
newcomer I was just wondering what program/plugin or just how you are getting the clock and system monitor
snkmchnb newcomber: both are plugins. the analog clock is bbanalog and the system monitor is bbsysmon. get them @ link
skwire Striking, snack. Really nice.
dubox lovely it!
snkmchnb thanks guys :D
pars Gorgeous. The theme, the color, the font, the wallpaper all match beautifully. Well done!

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