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Silver Wings :: Pitkon User Pitkon
Long time gone without a submission here, so I thought to upload a screenie with the workings of an interface I'm putting together based on boostr29's link TDIWP wall, with his permission. This is just the beginning, think the letters will look much better under Xoblite due to shadowed fonts, but I still have problems with bbinterface and bbmuse under Xob... 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Silver Wings by Pitkon 
Wallpaper TDIWP by boostr29 

Nightbreed nice one Pete.. I was wondering when you were going to post another one
Pitkon Thanx, Gary... Lol... I was too busy and the interfaces are time consuming... Much easier to author styles... :D
crowmag Nice style Pitkon. Yeah, it's a shame about the xob/bbI problems, the Xoblite support for themes would really be a benefit to all the various interfaces/desktops you produce. Being able to click and load different setups instantly... wow, that'ed be nice for ya.
snkmchnb nicely done, Pitkon!
Nightbreed lol Pete.. makes me wish there was some type of Visual BBI program hehe... Atleast a small utility that handles actual themes. Something that needed to read just one file and link styles and plugin rc's together. At the moment, I've been using broamRelay txt files to create themes.
PYSTiS Nice one! How do you add those icons in to the menu :P If you know what i mean..
jimmy I like it :)
Pitkon crowmag: Thanx - and u r absolutely right about xob/bbi... snack: Thanx, my friend... Gary: In a way, Xob does provide something like this, but plugins are not always kind to Xob... PYSTiS: Thanx! Icons are fonts, thanx to Nightbreed. Here: link jimmy: Thank you :)
Nightbreed Im not sure if you're familar with SharpE's theme manager or not.. but I'm looking into making a small manager like that one ... If Im not mistaken though, you have to copy plugins into various theme folders of Xoblite correct? That's what I'm looking to avoid
Pitkon Yes and yes - I do know ShaprE's theme manager and u DO have to copy plugins under Xoblite. I was thinking of doing a theme manager myself, but then I remembered how many problems I had using Litestep installers... I was always for stand alone themes and this was a topic of many heated discussions on LS forums a loooooong time ago...

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