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Comfortably numb :: Shawan User Shawan
This is valentine day so I post this style to spread some love in boxshot, you guys are amazing and thank you for your kindness and your patience :) wall -> link 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Comfortably Numb by Shawan
Wallpaper Comfortably numb 

Pitkon Thank YOU, Aude, for this offering. Looks pretty good and, one again, u managed to handle pink just perfectly.
jimmy I like the wall and the style... good job!
Shawan Thank you Pete and Jimmy :)
Malnilion Nice Valentine's day style, Shawan, and I'm reminded of a Pink Floyd song by the title, lol. :)
Shawan Thx a lot Malnilion, actually if I well remember Dimentichisi the wallpaper's creator is a fan of Pink Floyd... :)
Nightbreed ha! one of my all time fav songs :D Colors reminds me of spicy cinnimon sticks hehe.. Very nice Shawan and happy V-day.. :P
Shawan Happy V. day too Nightbreed... :D for the spicy cinnimon stick I'm not sure I know what it cinnimon (doesn't exist in my dico) the same as cinnamon? I'm always interrested when it talks about food :D
Nightbreed it's the very same Shawan, my spelling just went all to hell.. lol .. but they are great for making teas and things... and.. if ya put a few in a few bowls and leave them around the house, it makes it smell good ;D
Shawan oh It's not made for being eaten it's a pity; anyway I'll try the bowls stuff :D (thx for sharing your recipes NB)
Nightbreed No problemo... Stay tuned for the next "cooking with Nightbreed" where I'll be showing you how to make home made what nots and what'r'those
Shawan lol can't wait until the next lesson..."cooking with nightbreed" it has a ring to it :D

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