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etat de jardin :: thewayofzen User thewayofzen
Its beena while since ive released anything.
Take it.. or leave it. My latest style. xoblites latest and im on my way back to linux... i can tap dance do u want to see me tapdance? 
Shell xoblite
Style etat de jardin by thewayofzen
Wallpaper cappuccino something rather.. i modded it email me 

thewayofzen ive yet to post a style with orange or red or without being disappointed with how it looks in a screenshot. blah
snkmchnb dude, i'm sorry.. but that looks real f*ckin' pretty!
Pitkon I love the colors... :)
stanna thats really nice zen, i love it!
freeb0rn i'm amazed at how you can always put colors together so well.
clovemagic Gorgeous! The muted tones are so soothing.
Shawan This is beautiful! etat de jardin?...where are the flowers?...
auto nice!
aeon another awesome style by thewayofzen :)
thewayofzen lol. thanks everyone. Shawan.. garden state is my fav movie i watched it twice the day i did this style.
Shawan Ah ok, sorry I just didn't get the link between the title and the I understand :)
jimmy Really, really nice style...

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