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Glow :: sunghan User sunghan
I'm still pretty new to bbLean. Both wallpaper and Style are not mine. Credits to Veigrn for style and Jason9811 for wallpaper. 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Defecation by Veigrn 
Wallpaper Path of Regret by Jason9811 

pkt-zer0 I absolutely love it.
nfok3 I love the style and wall... But my google-fu appears to be weak 'cuz I can't find either of them. Could you please post them somewhere or email it to me at Thanks.
sunghan Here's the link to the wallpaper: link The link for the style seems to be dead. I'll try to find it elsewhere.
nfok3 thanks for the e-mail! :D

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