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MasterBall ScreenShot :: ser VI User ser VI
Just a screenshot of my current interface. 
Shell BBLC\BBLean

Pitkon Clean and beautiful, Ser! I really like the layout - and the DU Meter! :D
ser VI I was thinking on a plugin for BB, if I know how to code I'll do, that shows the internet movement as a graphic. Don't pay much attention on this. I am just happy to have Internet at home till when don't know. Maybe this bbInterface will not be this way, I will change some things, I need others frames.
Pitkon Looking forward to the final product :)
Nightbreed If the graph mode in bbi could take variables then tcl-bb could supply the data and feed it to bbi. I'm thinking it may be possible, but not too sure atm. Nice theme btw

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