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Ghost of Samurai :: jimmy User jimmy
The wallpaper is beautiful (imho), I hope you like also the style ;)... (and the new lateral bar...) You can find the wall on 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Night Shadow by jimmy
Wallpaper Ghost_of_samurai___big_by_Autumn_Sacura.jpg 

Pitkon I like the desktop layout AND the style. Nice colors u picked... :)
Shawan I've noticed this wall yesterday too and you have done a nice job on it I really like :) (I don't know why but the menu make me think of the new ps3)
Pitkon Seems like u have a thing for PlayStation, Aude... :D
Nightbreed Really hot Jimmy, great job on the whole style. btw, are you using seperate renamed bbinterface plugins for each setup or just the one?
Shawan Each night I do the same dream, there is a big playstation with a giant TV screen waiting for me but when I take the gamepad the screen says "aha you'll never get me!" and everything disappear... was joking ^^;
Pitkon Lmao, Aude... :D
jimmy Lmao Shawan... Thanks to all :D Nightbreed At the moment I have just one bbinterface.rc file, but I have the backup of the previous one (the one before the lateral bar) Anyway I'm separating and standardizing the single elements of the interface (wharf, foobar player, lateral bar, style setter, etc...) for making them avaiable for everyone who want to download them... Why this question?
Pitkon Because he wants to raid ur hard disk, what else? :D
jimmy Eheheh... I don't think so, but of course it's true the contrary... ;)
Nightbreed First of all.. lma'freakin'Aoff@S
hawan... I asked Jimmy because there's a way to optimize your setup and get to do more with more than one bbinterface plugin.. long explanation
Nightbreed lol Pete... Yeah, I want to go through and grab all his girly pics... hahaha!
jimmy Thanks Nightbreed. Can I find this explanation somewhere?
jimmy eheheh What girly pics? Lmao...
Pitkon No long explanation needed, Gary. I've played with numerous BBI instances before... I do that with lots of plugins for various reasons... I have also used Theo's trick of progressive drawer retraction using another instance of bbi... Oh, well, u r right. Long explanation... :D
Nightbreed lol Pete.. just keep in mind.. you can always use tcl4bb to build your interfaces and cut down the size of your rc... this is a big help. For now.. I would just need a place to explain the whole process.. again, lol... I recall putting a tutorial on this site along time ago, if I can find it again, I'll post a rewrite in the forum.
Nightbreed Jimmy, I'll put a tutorial in the tutorial section of the forum sometime today.
Nightbreed lol... here link
jimmy Thanks a lot Nightbreed, I tried to do something similar, but I started to create the second layout with the first one load so I had some problem... Thanks!
Nightbreed no problem Jimmy
snkmchnb jimmy: you're coming along very well with your styles.. they way you pick colors reminds me of myself a little bit..
Malnilion I'd agree with that assessment, snk, I've noticed the same thing. :) Your styles are really good, jimmy. They certainly blow mine out of the water :)
jimmy Wow... Thanks guys, these compliments are really appreciated... Hope you are right :-)

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