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Bloom Box :: clovemagic User clovemagic
Wallpaper is bl00m_wall_by_emciem and can be found at at link

I'm especially proud of the .3dc on this one. It is included. 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style bloom_box by clovemagic
Wallpaper bl00m_wall_by_emciem 

thewayofzen wow this is marvelous. best submission ive seen in a long while.
ZenLC I really love the way you've done the transparency on the menu and BBPager...would you mind giving me some pointers?
Dragon12 Yea, I have to agree with thewayofzen & ZenLC, it is pretty cool! I like the Slit too.
thewayofzen after leaving my first comment ive found myself check this style again a number of times.. honestly.. wow. best submission in so long. i know ive already said that but i think repeating it was warranted.
clovemagic ZenLC: Thanks! I'd be happy to help. Thank you too, Dragon12. TWOZ: You make me blush. ;-D
Lord E. Holy shit this is BEAUTIFUL. *drool*
Shawan That may be a stupid question but what is the shadow under the windows? Anyway these colors are not my favourites ones but the style is so well done and I love whippped cream so I love this style :)
snkmchnb very, very well done!
Nightbreed Nice style Clove :D... are all those icons in your toolbar, what ya have loaded in the background? lol... Shawan... that's more than likely yz's shadow. I cant remember where to download it but if you type that name in google, I'm sure you'll find it :)
Malnilion All around solid release. I love absolutely everything about this style. Very creative use of borders on the window buttons. I'm loving the transparency on the menu. Everything just works for this style. Congrats, clovemagic, I'm going to have to agree with zen.
Pitkon One of the best ever... Kudos, Clove... And great choice of wall...
jimmy beautiful :)
clovemagic Thanks so much everyone. I'm overwhelmed by your kind response. I think the wall is so cool it makes the style look good. ;D At the very least, emciem's work is very inspirational.
Pitkon BTW, Clove, the link u provided is broken... :(
clovemagic Oops. Try this link: link
clovemagic Btw, the whipped cream translations are for you, shawan. The shadow is Yz shadow. Should be easy to find. Malilion: credit for the buttons must go to Nightbreed. They provided the interesting effect. Speaking of NB, I knew someone would give me hell about my sys tray. What can I say except that I'm known for excess? LOL
clovemagic Oh, and thank you Jimmy and snkmchnb for your nice words. And thank you, Lord (I just had to say that . . . ;-P)
Nightbreed Hey Clove, by any chance are you free for fri.. j/k are you following this thread? link Could use some of your input ya know...
clovemagic I think I'm busy Friday. It's Mardi Gras season here, you know. ;P I've been reading the thread but I haven't had a chance to test anything. Gotta go teach a class now, but I'll add my two cents as soon as I can.
Shawan Merci énormément Clovemagic! Thank you so much for the translations now I can travel all around the world calmly :D
qwilk Really nice style clove! But am I the only one noticing that menu.hilite is missing some values? (btw, it should be "" when using the 0.70 syntax)
Pitkon qwilk is right, I wish BBLean wasn't so forgiving about the new syntax... I don't think Unix users are just as forgiving... :D
clovemagic I forgot to replace "hilite" with "active." Oops. And I see that I did not specifiy a foreground color. I haven't identified any other missing values. Did I leave anything else out? I'm obviously still getting use to the new syntax.
clovemagic Ah, ok. I see that I didn't specify a value for the color2 (ending gradient) for the active hilite. I guess it defaulted to black, which was what I wanted, so I didn't notice the omission. Thanks for alerting me, qwilk. I'll be more careful about proofreading the in the future. lol
snkmchnb clovemagic: email me the corrected file and i'll upload it for you.
clovemagic Thanks bunches, snack. The file is on its way.
snkmchnb clovemagic: done :)
elmarko Really nice style man! One question tho because I'm a noob :/, what plugins are you using, because I would like to use them too
qwilk elmarko: Try woman... :)

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