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Alien :: Shoat User Shoat
The style is called Monochrome. I just had a deep need to have a gray/black style. 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Monochrome by Shoat
Wallpaper Alien's Perch by nanya 

Dragon12 Very cool! Always loved the Giger artwork or at least anything with the Alien in it. Amazing how much H.R. Giger has inspired the art community to imatate his work or to build off of it, such as the Alien movies. Where did ya get the wall?
thewayofzen great style. im not too sure about the fonts even though youve explained it to me.. it does however make me officially not the "small font guy" which ive been known to be around these parts according to some. That mouse pointer is HUGE.. wow. Anyway great style. keep em coming.
Shoat Dragon: I asked the artist"nanya" on DeviantArt if I could use it. Huzzah! She agreed as long as I didn't distribute it. Give her a holler and butter her up some. I'm sure she'll appreciate the praise and recognition. Zen: Yeah, I love small fonts. It makes my desktop seem somehow "tight" and more professional. Don't ask me to explain that. Yeah, the mouse is large because I hate having to hunt for it on the screen, especially when I'm draying with my USB tablet. It's annoying when you make stray, accidental lines all over your drawing.

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