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Media Player 11 :: Nightbreed User Nightbreed
Here's a style that should fit with the new Media Player 11 for XP :) 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Windows Media Player 11 by Gary Jones
Wallpaper Leaf something :) 

dgen awesome :D
Nightbreed Thanks Dgen :)
Blackacid Just curious as where you got that media player skin from?
Blackacid Just curious as where you got that media player skin from?
Nightbreed It's not a skin. It's Media Player 11
T. Eastrup To Nightbreed Couldnt we get a link to were yuo got that Windows Media Player 11 yuo are showing inthe screenshot above? Regards eastrup
Greybeard Is the menu button a plugin?
Nightbreed T. Eastrup, I'll get the link again soon as I remember where.. @Greybeard,,, the button is just a bbinterface control.
Roots I like the "black" vista look, when I installed it, I hated that cleak look with the purple and green color fade they had, it looked bad. well that green and purple stuff did, but not the clear it looked good but it raped my ram, I have a gig of ram it was ueing like 90% of my ram. and like 400 megs of the gig and a half pageing file I had set up.
ElricFate link
T. Eastrup Just another lin to were yuo can get the Windows Media Player shown in the screenshot above: link
Nightbreed Thanks for those links folks... My link wasn't work safe :D

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