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New Leaf :: Pitkon User Pitkon
New style, new bbi script, some other changes... :) 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style New Leaf 
Wallpaper Novum 

keef Nice wallpaper.
TXTR How did you mod the volumebar in the popup?
Pitkon keef: Nice indeed! TXTR: No moding, just two volumes with their own inscriptions...
TXTR The inscriptions are what i meant ;) How can you change it? (Preferably the code from the menu) :D
Pitkon Can be something like that: [volume] (
TXTR Thx a lot pitkon :) always innovative :)
Pitkon Thank YOU, TXTR :)
ser VI Nice bbInterface setup and nice looking all the rest too.
Pitkon Thanx so much, ser :)

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