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Till The Clouds Clear :: auto User auto
I am a bit rusty and I imagine my styles don't follow the latest trends but I thought I would post something anyway.

I hope everyone has been well in my absence. 
Shell xoblite
Style Till The Clouds Clear by auto (

unkamunka good to see you back..... while you've been away, we've got up to xoblite bb7 :D
Pitkon Welcome back, auto. Unka: bb7? You are way back, man... I am using bb12... :rofl:
mini-man Great style...and ignore this nonsense about bb7 and 12... I'm using bb52 beta, it pwns. :P
skwire Gorgeous.
TXTR You are a bb styling legend and you proof to continue :)
anvarokkz anvarokkz
snkmchnb beautiful work as ever, auto. nice to see you around.

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