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Kuninobu Desktop 1.2 :: kuninobu User kuninobu
My current desktop, with a THEME based on Windows Media Player (found it here somewhere :D).
The sysmon and the Winamp-mon is made by me in Samurize..
The skin for winamp that I use is called Winshady.. I thought that it would fit in with my current style and wallpaper ;)

Don't remember the name of the wallpaper.. it's a shame because I like it alot. I found it on deviantart anyhow.

Comments welcome :) 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Windows Media Player 11 by Gary Jones
Wallpaper ??? 

TaTooKa I like the shades in the menu, great idea... by the way, the colors and the wp fit nice!
kuninobu well thanks but I didn't make the style, I think it was nightbreed who uploaded it :)

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