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elric :: thewayofzen User thewayofzen
a gift long overdue. 
Shell xoblite
Style elric by thewayofzen
Wallpaper spiderman 3 wallpaper.. elricfate sent me it 

SnackySmores sweet wallpaper & style, great to see that you're still in the "gift" business ;)
Arc Angel I *think* the wall is by Psychopulse, available at link
Arc Angel P.S. Cool Style Zen ;)
ElricFate Actually, it's from the official spiderman site. Wallpapers section for movie 3. :-)
doctorfrog very nice style, classic color combo, and as always i like the 'dissecting tray' look of your menus.
snkmchnb =D
jimmy Very nice... ;)
skwire Looks great, zen.
wickedlester awsome as always zen. :-)
TaTooKa fits well with the wallpaper.
lexxca round style!

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