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Policegirl :: jimmy User jimmy
New bbslideshow configuration... ;) 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Police by jimmy

skwire Slick...I like the active window titlebar. Link for the wall, perhaps?
Nightbreed Where can I download the motercycle? :-P
jimmy Thanks ;) Tha wall is here link_12/S1_12_Back.jpg
jimmy link
Pitkon Good work, Jimmy!
Pitkon And where can I download the GIRL on the motorcycle? lol
jimmy Do you think that if I knew where is that girl I would tell you? ;) eheheh
Pitkon Lmao, Jimmy... And I hope u got my e-mail...
jimmy Oh, thanks Pitkon, I've just found it... I'll update soon my home-page script ;). Thanks
Pitkon My pleasure and honor :)
jimmy Ok Pitkon, I did it... I used these two screenshots link link This is the link for the home page link refresh it until you see yours ;) Bye
Pitkon Good choice of styles, Jimmy... And a great sito! :D
jimmy ;D The site is nothing special, but I think it is really useful for italian users which wanna start with bb ;)
Nightbreed I like how your site's layed out Jimmy... Nothing that a google translator cant fix... hehe... Though.. I do think you should add more styles and maybe some nav buttons.
jimmy Thanks for the suggestion Nightbreed :D ... Actually the site is a little bit essential, but unfortunately the time I have for "coding" is really few (and don't forget this is the first time I try to set up a site, so I've not much experience ;) ) ... Anyway, may be in summer, I'll update it with nav buttons, styles, screenshots, and probably with an english version of tutorials... ;) bye bye
Turonah Just wondering how you got the style switcher in the bottom left there ... looks like BBInterface, am I right?
jimmy Yes, you are right ;)

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