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My World - Theme for Xoblite :: ser VI User ser VI
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Shell xoblite
Style My Wolrd by ser VI

Pitkon Excellent use of greys on this, Ser! :)
Pitkon I like the icons, too. What r they?
qwilk Great style ser VI! I noticed that you have enabled the force font shadows setting though; please note that you can also enable font shadows per element using the font defintion (name/size/style), e.g. snap/14/Shadow (i.e. normal with shadow) or gelly/15/BoldShadow (i.e. bold with shadow).
spiderj What are those menu bullets called?
Nightbreed Nice work on the menu and toolbar beveling Ser VI
ser VI Pitkon - the icons are by Grayhouse - see my deviation - link qwilk - Thanks I didn`t know this feature exists on Xoblite. spiderj - that menu bullet is called "Comment" In Xoblite there is others: Triple/Comment/Grid See changes Xoblite BB2 - link_bb2.txt Thanks Nightbreed :)
ser VI Sorry qwilk - I know about this features, when I said that I was thinking that exists something like any line could have a different font!??
Pitkon Thanx, Ser, they r very nice icons indeed... :)

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