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nightbreed wannaB :: dgen User dgen
just like roots, i always like the layouts nightbreed comes up with :)
so after viewing root's ss, i started to play wannaB and this is what i've come up with :x

--created startmenu--
--winamp controller is brought up by rightclicking on the right icon // though winamp itself is opened by leftclicking--
--wallies...same principle as nb :x --

soz if it's lame, but nightbreed ftw :p 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style DarkDreams by Gary Jones 

Pitkon Beautiful work, dgen...
Root :p Nice Knock-off, don't know if its a good thing to be know as the wannabe kid but hey its better then betting unknow haha. Anyhow good looking stuff there. Maybe if I get some time today I will see if I can one-up you :p haha ;)
Nightbreed lol@Root... Nice desktop dgen...
Wobble Surely impressive, but isn't it looking damn close to native Windows? All that is missing are the desktop icons ;)
Roots lol Just because you use bb4win does mean you "hate" windows gui, just you think it should and could be better.
Nightbreed Grated it looks like windows, but the start panel is no different then a warf that people use, it's just shaped differently :)
Nightbreed FYI Roots.. you can quicken the application panel by using a single graphic file with icon images as upose to using single icons. Hard to explain, but I have a sample file if you need it for clarification.
Roots Sure thing, I wouldn't mind takeing a look at it.
Nightbreed Hey Roots, I sent you a sample to your PM in lostinthebox...
jan hi Dgen! I was wondering how you made the taskbar and the startmenu so beautiful? Is it possible to send me an e-mail containing the needed plugins and (template) configuration files to create this peace of art? Thanks for any response! Jan
F1LeX Cool work, dgen. :-)) Only that need. How you created StartMenu such like on "Original". Please, sent me your config. P.S. Sorry for bad english. P.P.S. ThanX.

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