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bblean Superman Ed. :: Nightbreed User Nightbreed
Just something for all the comicbook fans out there :D 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style SuperMan Get's boxed by Gary Jones
Wallpaper link in style 

Pitkon Love the colors, Gary! U managed to use hues that overcome the risk of beig garish (no pun intended) and are very pleasant to the eye. I like the yellowish hilite, icing to the cake. Beautiful style!
Nightbreed Thanks Pete... :)
SpyderBlade Whoa! Lot of improvements to BB while i've been away huh? I love the menu icons and colours. On another note, I got a tablet PC, so that's why i'm back to using explorer :-( Mainly cause rightclicking with a pen is just too hard and a scroll wheel doesn't that kills bb for me. Sucks hard, anyone have suggestions?
Nightbreed Thanks SpyderBlade... I'm pretty much in the same boat, I use a wacom tablet with my setup.. only thing that annoys me is that I have to switch the pen for the mouse at times... but if you're using a tablet pc, can't you get a usb mouse for that? I'm not to familiar with tablet pcs though... Perhaps talking with Kaloth would help, he's doing a lot with pdas and others that uses a non mouse envirnment... maybe he can come up with something for a tablet pc
jimmy Cool style Nightbreed ;)
T. Eastrup To Nightbreed Regarding the menu icons mentioned by spyderblade above. How do yuo get the to show at all?. I use BBlean as yuo do. Regards Eastrup
sMs superman is near =D cant wait anymore... nice work... we should have hue and saturation settings on those menu icons... =D and one question, what s the plugin u using that calculates cpu mem free mem used
sMs nvm, i think is bbsysmeter right??
Nightbreed Thanks everyone. @T.Eastrup: The menu icons are done with bbleanmod, check the forum, I believe this is a blackbox.rc setting now. @sMs: the meters are bbInterface. BBInterface now supports system meters.
Roots SpyderBlade, if the right click for the tablet pc is anything like the pocket pc, [hold pen down for 3-5 seconds] that would suck, you could try and make all the tasks you use in to bbi buttons and such :p. Nightbreed, Good stuff :p I like the new stuff for bbi for it doing sysmon functions. I am useing it on the screen shot I posted last.
sMs @NightBreed is it a bbslider?? if so.. what appaerance is it?
Nightbreed Thanks Roots.. @sMs, Those are bbI-labels with the sys monitors from the images section of bbi's menu. @Roots: I'm waiting for the digi/analogue clock to be added to bbi... then I can stop using this tcl/broamtimer one in the
frantic two guys using tablet pc? all those years of development at M$ haven't gone to waste!!
Nightbreed A great deal of artists here in PA use tablet pcs with painter IX when they aren't at their studios.
MaXi Exelent work, is so simple. Congratulations... That plugin you used?
Shawan Nice style, the colours fit the wall very well :)
Nightbreed Thanks MaXi, Shawan. The only plugins used is bbinterface and tcl4bb

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