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bright red boots :: thewayofzen User thewayofzen
wall is 4 by Gypsy Space Muffin i dont remember where i got it. if anyone wishes to have it i can always email it to you..  
Shell xoblite
Style bright red boots by thewayofzen
Wallpaper i forget where i got the wall. ill email it??? 

ArthurDent Very nice zen! Can you post the style and wall link?
roots nice stuff Zen :D
Roots Zen what is that winamp skin your useing?
thewayofzen link i think thats it..
Pitkon I gotta say this is one of the best winamp skins I've seen. Using it already - thanx, zen! And the style rocks - includes some of my fav colors :)
AlmostX Oh .... Nice, thewayofzen
frantic Really nice winamp skin. Almost makes me wanna switch to modern winamp skins, but I...must...resist... the...temptation... And btw, nice style.
qwilk Nice one as always twoz! :D Wallpaper: link (widescreen) or link (standard)
Pitkon qwilk, the tireless wallpaper seeker... Good thing he redecorates his house every summer... :D
Malnilion Oooh, looking for wallpaper brings back repressed memories from when I was a child :P
Pitkon LMAO, Mal...
blockhead good to see a new thewayofzen style. been sparse of late.
snkmchnb damn skippy.. nice to see zen :)
stanna i like this one lots. great work zen
Andrei Nice like ArthurDent sad. why pople use xoblite 3 and not bblean 1.16. BBlean is much better than xoblite. Wen tryed to use xoblite the fonts were so TINI that i neded magnifaing GOGLES TO SEE THE FONTS in the menus :((. Xoblite sux this is what i say

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