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chocolate swim :: doctorfrog User doctorfrog
in progress. it's a bit mono at the moment. i welcome any suggestions to spice it up a bit. 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style genome_choco_swim by doctorfrog
Wallpaper bsetroot 

snkmchnb nice so far. i'm not real keen on the active window buttons, i would make them parentrelative.. but that's just me
Reverend Heh. Very Ubuntu-ish.
ArthurDent I agree with snk about the active window buttons.. Is there some incantation that would put a border around those? That would make it better. Other than that , though, I think it looks really good, and doesn't really need any spicing up! I really like the look of the window label. Very understated.
doctorfrog yeah, wish there was a way to add a quick border to the buttons, because the bevel choices don't look so hot and i don't want the buttons to sink into the already featureless window label.
snkmchnb two things i would recommend to try: -make the buttons the same as the menu highlight -make the buttons the same as the inactive window label
skwire You can easily add a border around those buttons by changing this line in the style: window.button.focus: flat gradient vertical Change it to: window.button.focus: flat gradient vertical border
doctorfrog thanks, skwire! i'll give it a shot.

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