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hrhr :: lalzor User lalzor
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Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style case 

Lord E. Very sleek.. me likes.
frantic This is good. I also dig the in flames in playlist. Pity I only use dark setups... That said, checking that deviantart page for other stuff is very worth it, this guy has style, and lots of it...
frantic OK, it's not really my place to do this as I'm not affiliated with any of these guys, but what the heck. I just did some deviantarthopping between the guy that did this style and his friends/fellow artists/whatever, and I was, simply put, blown away. I saw some of the best bb styles, samurize configs, winamp and miranda skins ever. I'm mentioning this cause these guys don't seem to be a part of boxshots community, and it's a shame to miss out. If anyone is interested, start from here:
cthu1hu I've been keeping an eye on these guys for a while. You can see their blackbox styles here . I've been using case vs for about a week. I just got rid of it though, as the kroeger font got on my nerves. pretty cool though. I like their minimalistic style.

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