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Meteor Gamer 3.0 :: Paden Brown User Paden Brown
This is a theme I made called Meteor Gamer for Xoblite. I've made several versions of this.

1.0 - Basic Toolbar and Sysbar, using Interface to create icons for access of nearly 40 programs. The theme I used was Milk Unified for a short time.

2.0 - Rearranged the desktop and made system information, calender, and time in the top right corner. Also, I was able to put it all in the slit, which I did and made things easier.

3.0 - I made my own theme called Meteor Gamer Shaded Green. I took a style (forgot the name) and made a lot of edits to it since I'm still learning how to make blackbox themes. The Menu, I changed to have an Internet, Media, Office, and especially Games menu so that I could access games easier without cluttering my desktop with program executables.

I hope you enjoy this. Future versions will include a custom wallpaper by myself to go with the Meteor Gamer desktop. The Icons I use in this pic were made by Jairo Boudewyn at (and, and the wallpapers were edited to be dual screenshot. The Castlevania was In Keeping Silence by Karinexe at and the Dark Magician Girl was by masterthehedgehog, also at

Shell xoblite
Style Meteor Gamer Shaded Green by Monoxide Hunter P
Wallpaper See below for more info 

Pitkon Great work here - and one of the longest style descriptions ever :D You should upload the bbi script to lostinthebox, pkt-zer0's site or somewhere...
Roots Yay Yugioh
Stungun Looks 'phat' as they would say. The green on black thing...the alternating shades... sort of futuristic feel.

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