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midian :: cthu1hu User cthu1hu
Color pack is here
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style midian cyan by cthu1hu

ser VI Lovely styles pack. I like the way you use the borders.
Pitkon Beautiful pack, cthu1hu!
cthu1hu Thanks for the kind comments. Here's what I wish the screenshot looked like ;)
snkmchnb dude, i love that!
skwire Nice, nice, nice. Like ser VI, I really enjoy your colour packs. Thanks.
wickedlester Nice work cthu1hu. Lovin the midian cyan but all colors are great!
Lord E Lovely work. Great borders, yeah~
auto Nice work as always.
crowmag Great style pack cthu1hu, right now I'm using "midan red"... man this is sweet, diggin the borders.
cthu1hu Thanks :)
jarppi I'm usually a great fan of yours, but this one is imho really fugly. I think its the borders.
cthu1hu Ouch. Yeah they're a little... loud..
supergirl i like them actually. thanks cthu1hu.
jarppi well, just so i dont sound so mean, this one's pretty good too if you put in some work for it. by which i mean changing the borders back to 'normal' colors. and then, would you mind if i posted a shot with a slightly modified style of yours? modded your 'white' to use green instead of blue and changed the background, perhaps even upload the whole thing here.
cthu1hu Hmm. I would consider the borders to be normal colors, since everything is following color theory, eg: cyan is the opposite of red, purple is the opposite of green, etc.. The styles would be kinda boring if not for the borders, I think..
cthu1hu And thanks, crowmag and supergirl.

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