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Vista (WIP) :: M4uR1g10 User M4uR1g10
After a long period of meditation...M4ur1g10 is back with a little screenshot of a WIP. Please be gentle...;) 
Shell BBLC\BBLean

Pitkon This is a nice style, but I am not sure if it goes well with this wall...
M4uR1g10 Thanks Pitkon! [I am not sure if it goes well with this wall...] That's why it's a WIP...;) I'm concentrated on creating the sidebar now. Stay tuned!
Nightbreed Nice layout. The sidebar is cool as well. Honestly, nothing Vista like ever goes with the
M4uR1g10 @Nightbreed: lol The sidebar is almost complete and the wallpaper was replaced...take a look here: link I need to find a better looking icon for calculator.exe...any idea?
Nightbreed Grab one of the vista icon packs over at or try some from There's tons of icon art there.
Robin Love this theme..!! I cannot find a download link :(
123 love the Bg for this. Can i get the link for it?

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