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next exciting thing since god knows :: meanmechanics User meanmechanics
It is too good to be true 
Shell xoblite
Style Choc-ase by meanmechanics

cthu1hu Nice. Like the style. I use that wall as my grub bg.
meanmechanics thanks.that wall is a real kick
Raj I do not mind the layout, but colours definately dont match well imo - theres blue, orange, brown, even a bit of purple. But if it works well for you, its all that matters. :p PS. Cant wait to try out latest xoblite. ^^
meanmechanics look in the chatbox history ;) you should find a link to xobbb4.As for colors you know what they say...I think everyone here is a bit color blind.LOL
meanmechanics link
phosphoer Really love the titlebar gradient, not a huge fan of the purple / orange. You make me want to try xob again! >
raj ok, xobbb4: theres just a few files - are they for overwriting the old xoblite bb3?
meanmechanics Best to create your own .rcs and menus but it works right with bb3.Replace blackbox exe and blackbox.rc in bb3 by the blackbox.exe and xoblite.rc in bb4 and you should have a fully workable xoblite.From there I am sure you will be able to guess how to configure everything else or you can ask Qwilk
Raj thx :)

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