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Mother nature :: Rajliv User Rajliv
Older shot of my laptop desktop.
OS: XP, Shell: BBLean
Win classic and xplorer2 lite as usual

My dA: link
Blackbox group on dA: link
Shell BBLCBBLean
Style haven't named it yet 
Wallpaper Mother Nature by J3Concepts 

phopshoer Pretty cool, that xplorer2 seems to clash with everything though.
raj Thanks for comment! clash? if that has negative meaning then can you elaborate more? Ive had no probs with it at all (using both on XP and W7). It has completely replaced explorer for me. Eg when double click some directory menu item, the folder opens in a new tab in xplorer2. ^^
meanmechanics LOL!It s alive.It s alive. I think what phopshoer means is that the gperfection toolbar of xplorer2 dont match well with the style
phosphoer Aye that s what I meant, the buttons and background color of the window just seem out of place. Man, that wallpaper though, it s crazy! Love it. xD Is that bottom bar all bbInterface?
Raj Actually, theres no xplorer2 on this particular shot, its windows explorer - sry for misdescription. When it comes to application colors, I always use lighter 3DCC, because most of the apps are unusable with dark 3dcc - eg Photoshop that has black icons and text all over it. Apps are made with light scheme in mind... Bottom bar is BBI indeed.

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