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Techno Dream :: Pitkon User Pitkon
OK, this is the final product, submitted at deviantArt with bbinterface, wall, icons, 3dcc, plugins, BBLean1.16z (thanx, Zeytok) etc etc. I submit the style file here as well. Get the full (2MB) package from link 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Techno Dream by Pitkon (,,
Wallpaper Techno Dream by vortex 

Malnilion Wow, simply amazing, Pitkon. You consistently produce amazing styles that explore the wondrous possibilities of the bb4win branches.
Pitkon Thanx so much, Mal, you honor me. I am just trying...
jimmy I can say just... WOW ;)
snkmchnb bulky, but nicely done, Pete.
crowmag You the man with BBInterface Pete. Most superb! Nice style too.
Pitkon Thanx, guys! Jimmy: I like what you say :D Will: I love bulky, as you very well know. Minimalism was never my forte :D Clark: Thanx so much, my friend :)

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