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sonique2 - default :: byterhythm User byterhythm
Ahh the power of the Mantis GUI Engine...
Too bad sonique2 is dead... goodbye... sonique... 
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Style sonique2 - default by byterhythm (

Pitkon Actually, Sonique is no more dead than, say, Kjofol, or CoolPlayer, or any other player that skinners don't play with. I still use Sonique and I think it's far superior than Winamp in some aspects. I still have over 500 skins for it, from 1998 onwards. Unfortunately, Winamp is now the player of choice of many themers - so, the general public uses what seems to be the most popular app. Many good programs died this way - the list is endless... RIP...
dpcdpc11 aaaahhh yeahh..good ol sonique!! how i loved that player!! even sonique1 was above winamp those days..and when i tried the first alpha of sonique2..i was blown away!!! was just beautiful!!! to bad lucos didnt do with it what aol did with winamp! RIP good ol player!!! we will miss u!!
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