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epiphany :: Omni User Omni
I made my first style from scratch today. Wanted something that would "glow" and be simple and soft to look at. I like the menu.

Probably inspired by Vista shots for the "glow" idea.

The borders on windows may need to bigger; I didn't think of a good wallpaper, just setup a Bsetroot. The "Obsidian" Litestep wallpaper sorta works... 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style unknown by Omni
Wallpaper Bsetroot pipecross (9999FF to 000000) 

dpcdpc11 nice one dude... smooth and glowy!! i like it!!
Omni Thanks. It looks a bit better with lucency on :) I feel bad I couldn't find a wallpaper to match it. I didn't think of that, and my friend said: "Whoa. Lot of gradient going on there." The Bsetroot probably doesn't help :)
dpcdpc11 here are 2 wall that i think would fit you: 1. link 2. link
Omni My word. Ice Cubes is good, but that first one, "Reason", looks beautiful with it.

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