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small hooks wide :: dpcdpc11 User dpcdpc11
i just love this style so i made this wall for it. for me magenta is a very relaxing color ... hope it will have the same effect on you. Enjoy! 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style satellite blue by cthu1hu[dpcdpc11 remix]
Wallpaper small hooks wide by dpcdpc11 

Omni I actually like the setup. 1) What is the weather thing in bottom left? 2) Is that a list or menu of internet stuff? 3) I like the system stats panel blending in with background. Are those sea anemones or something?
dpcdpc11 glad u like my setup! 1) the weather and the clock in the upper left are both samurize. 2) the internet stuff is pure bbinterface and so is the system status panels. and those are not sea anemones... is just a plant, not a sea plant, with hooks like surface that i photographed about 3 or 4 months ago. if you want the wall, i can email it to you.
itivo I solved your problem dpcdpc11! (The invisbutton) Simply forget about using bbinterface for it. Download rocketdock --> set its style to "simply" Create new file Photoshop with invis bg --> enter the text of your choice --> save it as *.png Right click on one of the icons in rocketdock --> Symboleigenschaften/Symbolproperties --> set new root to your *.png file and have an invisible button!!!!! Too simple to be true? Try it and you'll be as pleased with rocketdock as i am.
dpcdpc11 thanks for the suggestion dude.. but i kinda avoid extra programs that eats up my computers resources.. i've tried recket dock, yzdock.. and others... but they use more resources then bbinterface... and i dont like how rocket/yzdocks react with the full screen apps. another solution would be samurize.. im already using it, and i could make some text only buttons... if i'll have the time, i'll give it a try and post a screeshot!
iTiVO Just to let you know: My setup of Rocketdock "eats" 3 MB. Not much, is it?

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