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expression :: thewayofzen User thewayofzen
Here is my latest style offering.
Hopefully someone likes it. The wallpaper is a mod i got from someone on and then further modded it to my needs. If you wish to have it feel free to ask me.. leave your email.. or email me yourself. any details you might wish to know are in the screenshot itself.. sorry if i left anything out.
Eat some cereal.
be well.
Shell xoblite
Style blackest insides by thewayofzen
Wallpaper expressionless by lee25 modded 

Lord E. wonderful.
iTiVO Glad to see more from you! Nice work on this one, again. BUT i remain with 3 demands: 1. Can you send me an e-mail with that font? 2. Can you send me the wallpaper, too? 3. How can you have "menu.title.fontheight: 0"? I can only have "menu.title.fontheight: 1" Thanks a lot :P
skwire Really cool, Del. Nice work.
blockhead Good to see a new style from you. It's been too long since hte last one. :)
thewayofzen thanks gang. i sent out walls to anyone who asked today.. hope i didnt miss anyone. sometimes my pop email doesnt get through if you didnt get the walls.. message me again and ill send from gmail.
thewayofzen this style is named wrong.. stupid stupid stupid

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