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Darluete :: iTiVO User iTiVO
Another rework of an older one.

Hope it looks cool on someone's desktop,
enjoy and be well,
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Darluete by iTiVO

satori nice one! ;)
iTiVO Glad you like it, mainly bcz it's you, the guy with one of the most appealing overall style here.
cyeh style doesn't look bad, but old syntax... blackbox 0.70.1 exists!!
iTiVO I know it does :P But what advantages does the new style syntax give me? For me it's the outcome that counts, but sure if it helps compatibility with xoblite or whatever i might switch...
dpcdpc11 nice one dude!!! i like it... but could you tell me the skin you used for winamp?? or is that winamp in the right bottom corner??
iTiVO Yes it is winamp. The skins name is: "Simplicity Clear" Glad you appeal to my style

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