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UK Green (2 styles) :: Fubb User Fubb
UK Green //

2 styles:

1. green background; black text
2. green background; whitish text (not bright white..)

Made on request for a friend but decided to 'up. 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Wallpaper none. 

thewayofzen it looks like space termites nibbled on it.. wtf happened to the screenshot?
fubb i was editing it very quick :P
KarloC Will you be uploading the style? i like gree. :)
Tres`ni space termites :P We have a few of those where I work
fubb for some reason boxshots wont upload my styles =\ my hosting runs out in a few weeks so get it while it lasts =) link ^^has the white version as well..
thewayofzen fill in the info in your style and it till upload. you are leaving the following blank and its necessary for the scripts on boxshots from what i can tell style.credits: style.comments:

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