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silos :: Lord E. User Lord E.
find the wall here . dark style this time. vs is chiral by cyantific, get it here . i have a weak spot for diagonal stripes :( 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style dark 
Wallpaper silo by ether 

roots Ohhhh I like, the foobar and the "im client" upon which I don't know looks reallys sweet.
Lord E. Heh, thanks. The IM client's Miranda IM with the mice_v2 skin, which I recolour every time I use a new bblean theme.
dpcdpc11 nice one dude!! cool foobar arrangement.. are you using columns UI or Panels UI? nice style too.. love the grey stuff!!
Lord E. thanks! i'm using columns_ui. i haven't really been able to figure out panels_ui.. heh.
dpcdpc11 i didnt switched to panels_ui either.. i've tried it once... but i wasnt too found of it.. but you can always use the panels into columns_ui too... and with panels_ui foobar isnt what it use to be.. a player that is easy on your computer... but fully customized... it's like the blackbox of audio players.
Lord E. Heh, yeah. panels_ui definitely allows for major amounts of eye candy, though. i've been tempted to switch and use some of the more popular .puis (fofr, perhaps?) but I doubt I'm going to do so anytime soon.
dpcdpc11 it's pretty awesome what u can do with panels ui. my favorite was: DAWXXX666_AVA_1.03.pui really complex and useful... but using this one, foobar becomes to much of a resource hog.

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