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This is a simpler layout than my Mega Man 2 style. I hope you guys enjoy.

If you want my wallpaper email me.  
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Porn Top by OpieTheRipper
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iTiVO I guess you are using paint.exe for your screenshots. If so, please make sure to have the white background set to the same resolution as your desktops. Lets those white "bars" on the ss vanish ;) A lot better than the last style btw :D
OpieTheRipper Lol I liked my last style only because it is based on Mega Man 2. It was truely a style made for the theme. Plus if you click the youtube link I have on the comments of it. It makes it more enjoyable. Of course you have to be a mega man 2 fan. Anyways i'm sorry about the white bars. and thanks for the comment. :-D I have been dying for some sort of comment.

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